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introduction of a company

Pars Granite Rafsanjan Company, the largest manufacturer of mosaics and concrete floors in Granite, Nature Stone, Rustic, as well as a variety of tables and stairs for pavement, parking, landscaping and ... It is in Iran, which started construction and startup in Rafsanjan industrial town with a capital of over 100 billion and a capacity of 1,000,000 square meters. The products of this company are manufactured by the most advanced machinery and the latest technology of artificial stone (purchased from Longinotti Italy) and after various quality tests are offered to the customer. Flexibility in different designs, colors, sizes and packaging is a unique feature that makes Pars Granite products to suit any taste, proving the existence of more than 5 active agents in different provinces and cities of the country and product export. It is beyond borders. High resistance to atmospheric factors (heat and cold and changes in temperature and sunlight) and color stability are essential features. The collection is also on the list of authorized suppliers of Tehran Municipality and most of the municipalities in the country, approved by governmental and non-governmental organizations . The National Bureau of Laboratory Standards has designated this collection as a cooperative laboratory.

factory Products

1- Granite (monolayer) and tile mosaic: Monolithic granite is produced in more than 20 colors in dimensions of 33*33,40*40,40*60,60*60. This product is 2 cm thick. Double layer mosaics are also produced and marketed as Pars Mosaic, with various coarse and fine aggregates in various colors of 40*40 and 3 cm thick. Nature stone: This product is available in three sizes: 40*40,20*40,20*20 and in two colors: brick and gray. This product is 2 cm thick. Table and Stairs: Table and stair stones are produced in more than twenty colors. The dimensions of the tables are 20*40,28*40,35*40,70*40, etc. and are 7 cm thick. The stairs and stairs are available in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses of 140*40,140*20, etc. Polished resin: Includes altar designs, sea waves, parallel lines, rock, and spider with dimensions of 40*40 and 2 cm thick with various colors of white, yellow, red, gray, black and white. . it is produced. 3. Non-cash registers: Includes brick-and-mortar designs, stone designs, chess, blind, adobe and decorative designs. Non-polycarbonate types are manufactured in white, yellow, red, gray, and 40*40 in 2cm thickness. Special decorative facade design with 40*60 dimensions and adobe design with 20*20 and 10*20 dimensions and 3 cm thickness is produced. Concrete washer and granite: Concrete washer is produced in different colors with dimensions of 40*40 and thickness of 3 cm. Needlework granite is a special facade and is available in various sizes: 7.5*40,10*40,12.5*40,20*20,40*40, ... and various colors. All products are manufactured with a 900 ton press and steam system.

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