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Design and Implementation

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Rafsanjan Pars Granite Company provides the best possible design and execution of landscapes, parks, and sidewalks for the well-being of our customers and due to repeated requests.
Landscaping is not limited to one particular place, and any space that has a landscape and somehow gets in the way of traffic is good for landscaping. Certainly the more beautiful and quality materials work, the more beautiful and enjoyable they are. The space you want to add to your home or neighborhood can be a great attraction for residents and pedestrians.
One of the important reasons that some projects fail or fail to achieve a satisfactory result is the lack of careful attention to this stage of the job (site checking), including the weather conditions of the area, gathering information about Plant species of the area concerned, wind direction, soil condition, water status, type of irrigation, etc. Pars Granite products are adapted to different climatic conditions.
The high variety of products of the company makes the design, colors, dimensions of your landscapes easier and more beautiful, especially the use of nickel, concrete, table, stairs and a variety of rustic will give your space a hundred.

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